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Smooth Legs Achievable by Beauty Sugaring (Alternative To Waxing)

Welcome to the sweeter side of hair removal

Sugar plus Citric Acid plus Water equals Sugaring Paste

Sugaring is THE growing hair-removal trend world wide replacing the old harsh waxing for many good reasons! Sugaring with Anukis Sugar Wax is:

  • Gentle & Nourishing: Much less painful and minimal skin irritation makes it very popular, especially for people with sensitive skin. Sugaring provides exfoliation and healing properties during the hair-removal treatment so your skin will be left smooth and silky-soft.
  • Efficient: Much less hair breakage offering a long-lasting stubble-free happy time of up to 8 weeks. The hair will come back finer than before and regular sugaring can even lead to less hair-growth.
  • 100% Natural: Sugar, water & lemon in a magical mixture - that's it! NO WAX or other harmful ingredients included (watch out please when buying from other brands as the term “Sugar Wax” is used widely for all sorts of products).
  • Eco-friendly & Economical: Fully biodegradable in recyclable packaging, our paste is also water-soluble so no need for additional (chemical) cleaning products. You don't need to use much of the product each time and strips & spatulas can be re-used.

For more information about sugaring and its benefits visit our pages "Why Sugaring", "Sugar vs Wax" and "Sugaring Instructions".

Don't hesitate to make use of our 1-to-1 service, offering you personal assistance to become a sugaring master! Just email us or give us a call on 07521 245305 and we will guide you towards our sweet hair-removal heaven.

Best wishes from the Anukis Team

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